Another week and another episode of the Essential Apple show and we have a new game to start things off simply called “What’s in my hand”. We discuss iPhones potentially becoming cheaper after sales slump, iPads and education might be marked for failure, Skype issues for podcasters, Nemos hardware store and Google IO.

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This weeks talking points

  1. iPhones may be getting cheaper after sales drop for the first time
  2. iPads in education are turning into an expensive disaster
  3. Skype causing headaches for Podcasters on the Mac
  4. Google IO. Who watched it?
  5. Google Allo (allo)
  6. Google Duo

Nemo’s Hardware Store (Overcast link : 58.10)

Johns back this week once again for some of those handy things you quite often need. Adapters, cables and an impressive sounding 9.6 volt in car charger

USB-C/T4hunderbolt™ 3 to HDMI 4K Cable

EZQuest Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

EZQuest Mini-DisplayPort-to-HDMI Cable for Mac

POWER DASH 9.6 USB Car Charger by LAUT

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Worth A Chirp

Barry : Today is towel day – Hitchhikers fans tribute to Mr Adams
Karl : Greenlight Dashmount $49 Pre-Order
Matt: Lookout – Security, Backup & Missing Device – Free – App Store – Proximity locater between Watch & iPhone.
A bonus chirp for bikers who listen and Baz: HBC200 Force Bluetooth Helmet Communicator U-Clear HBC200 FORCE – $219.95 (£138.95 – eBay) – Bluetooth comms unit and group intercom without a boom mic.
Mark : technology bull*** generator – Climb your way up that corporate ladder faster with our bullst generator! Sound like a technology industry professional with the bullst we can help you create.

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