EE to Offer 6 Months Of Apple Music To New And Upgrading Customers

Apple and UK mobile phone giant EE have stuck a deal to offer 6 months of Apple music free to new or upgrading users to the EE mobile network. People familiar with the matter have reported that the CEO of EE flew out to Cupertino to get the deal done.

At the time of writing an EE store employee, who for obvious reasons wanted to anonymous, reported that front line staff are already being briefed on the deal which will be completely seperate from Apple’s 3 month trial.

The 6 months free Apple music offer is due to roll out soon and what better timing with the Apple Music Festival at the RoundHouse London coming up on September 18 – 30.

6 months of Apple free Apple music dwarfs any free trail offeres from rivals Spotify and Pandora who offer free premium service trails for up to 60 days if you Google around and with EE having pretty decent 4G coverage and speeds around the UK buffering shouldn’t be too much of an issue but of course keep an eye on your data limits.

This deal follows hot on another deal where customers can get  6 months free BT sport.

Find out more on the website about six free months of Apple music.

4G EE and 4GEE Officially Available in 12 Cities Today

More details are spilling out on the official day that the UK get’s it’s very of 4G network.  Four UK cities – London, Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff – had their 4G signals switched on today with another 12 ready to offer.  Also announced are the official handsets which are ready for launch day but no mention of the iPhone 5.  The iPhone 5 is officially supported and will be ready for EE launch.

EE will also launch superfast 4G mobile and fixed-line fibre broadband services in the coming weeks. It will also offer standard broadband via ADSL in non-fibre areas.

Everything Everywhere Coverage Map 4G EE and 4GEE Officially Available in 12 Cities Today

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What’s Next For Orange, T-Mobile & Everything Everywhere?

In the last 24 hours there has been a lot of press around both the Everything Everywhere brands (Orange and T-Mobile) regarding 4G.

Everything Everywhere value their affiliates and would like to send this official communication confirming that they are delighted at Ofcom’s decision and they look forward to launching 4G soon.

The company will also be launching a new third brand which will sit alongside Orange and T-Mobile.

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Three Joins The 4g Everything Everywhere Joy

Economic benefits of 4G web 600x450 Three Joins The 4g Everything Everywhere Joy

You couldn’t help but notice that the UK will start to get 4g rollout this year as early as september thanks to Everything Everywhere  but now UK network operator Three (who won the best value sim for your iPad / iPhone) are also joining the party.  Three is a network that’s more aimed at Data so it shouldn’t be surprising they’ve joined the 4g party.

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