Essential Apple Podcast 37: Joining the Worried About Apple BandWaggon.

We are finally out of the land of 16GB Devices. The iPhone SE comes with 32GB. Finally a new iPad – be it a bit of a ‘curate’s egg’. The Product(RED) iPhone makes an appearance and we make time to ponder the meaning (or otherwise) of a slightly unusual Apple Patent.

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On this week’s show:

iPad 2017 v iPad Air 2 notes.
iPad (2017) is notably thicker and heavier than the 2014-released iPad Air 2 and (2016) iPad Pro 9.7
Dual external speakers rather than the powerful quad arrangement seen in the iPad Pro models.
All displays look identical but with the new iPad Apple has removed the anti-reflective display coating and fallen back from the display actually laminated onto the back of the glass as seen more recently. Also this modelHas no TrueTone and doesn’t have the newest wider gamut screen.

  • iPad 9.7 (2017): Apple A9 with dual-core 1.84 GHz (Twister) CPU and PowerVR GT7600 (six-core) GPU, 2GB of RAM- The A9 is what you get in a iPhone 6s and 6s
  • Interestingly the iPad Air 2 has a Tri-core which is slower at 1.5GHz there is some talk that it’s actually faster overall.
  • Camera details: Same camera optics as the iPhone 5s! 8MP, ƒ/2.4 aperture, 1080p video, no OIS. Front: 1.2MP, f2.2 aperture, 720p video, no OIS

iPhone Product (RED)

  • Looks so much better with a black front facia. It’s easy to accomplish this with a simple glass screen protector. Out of all the models this would be the one I’d go for.

iPad Mini

  • Didn’t get any upgrades but still at $399 more expensive that the one they just introduced.
  • Seemingly complacent about flogging old tech. Are we seeing Tim Cooking the books a touch too much (Mac Pro)

Nemo’s Hardware Store:

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  • Twelve South Journal iPhone Case amazon

More Talky Stuff.

Apple Files Patent For iPhone To MacBook Laptop Dock Design – USPTO

Thoughts on this. A nice enough idea but could eat into the iPad market.
What would happen each design refresh? Would you have to get a new docking station?
Would it just be a screen powered by an iPhone? You’d probably not want to use the iPhone as a trackpad. Is this the ARM laptop? Is Apple aiming to make iOS the consumer choice and macOS the “pro level” one (even if we can’t define what “pro”even means).

This week’s “App-session” [obsession.. geddit?]

SnapSeed – the free iOS photo editor had some nifty new tools added.
Nemo’s all time favorite just got better 😀 (Not actually mentioned on the show).

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iPad Mini Nano Data Sim Plans Compared

Well it’s here, Apple’s own mini iPad complete with 4g capability that you can use in the UK, well as long as you live in an area covered.  So what deal gives you the best data for your money.  We look at all the major providers and work out how much an iPad Data plan will cost you over the contract length.

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iPad Mini unveiling October 23 – Our Specification Thoughts And Speculations

Every man and his dog seems to be posting iPad mini news so we thought we’d jump on that bandwagon as well, especially since it seems October 23 2012 will be iPad mini release day. The thing is for all those “wanting” the mini, has anyone used the Nexus 7 to get a feel for the form factor and practicality?  I have my first Android tablet now and I’m mixed on the size, why would I want to do tasks on a smaller screen if I’m going to the hassle of pulling it out of my tech bag?

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Is there really a need for an iPad mini? Are 7″ tablets over-rated?

ipad mini editorial Is there really a need for an iPad mini? Are 7 tablets over rated?

After reading “David Chartier wonders why the 7-inch product category even exists” it got me to thinking about a few iPad things.

With the original iPad being released in 2010, why is it now “obvious” that the tablet segment needs a smaller form factor? 2 long years have passed since Apple undoubtably created something that shook the market up. Ok so Apple doesn’t create new products but they create desire, taking parts and processes from existing lines and bringing them together in a fashions that had yet to be realised but seem obvious when done so.  At the very least you can argue that Apple creates products that define a generation or at least inspire companies to copy their lead.

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Could the iPad mini have the iPad 2 cpu and iPhone 3gs Screen?

…this suggests that the iPad Mini is, effectively, an iPad 2: an A5 with 512 MB of RAM and enough GPU power to drive the display..

An interesting little snippet here from coming up with an interesting theory.  Tim Cook’s well known for making the most of supply chain and sending hardware down the chain. After the iPad 2 cpu got a shrinking down to 32nm from 45nm it’s seems only logical to throw this into the iPad mini driving a smaller screen.

Speaking of the screen, I’m not sure I could go back to a 3gs resolution screen and only running at 1024 * 768 even if it’s hitting 132ppi.  Consider that to the Nexus 7 display 1,280 by 800 pixels, or 216 pixels per inch (ppi).

For Apple to release a product that’s in anyway inferiror into the 7″ ish tablet market would be a bad move.