iPhone 5s now available to order in UK

Act now because the iPhone 5s has just gone for on sale here in the UK and you can guarantee that stocks aren’t going to last that long.  The Apple Store in Cardiff sold out of their iPhone 5s allocation within the hour.

Similar story in Birmingham’s Apple store where it’s reported people started claiming their place in line to get the phone at 5am.

zzmh200913iphones 03JPG 6068528 iPhone 5s now available to order in UK

Apple’s Stock Post Pre Keynote

Apple Stock Price

12pm mid day here in the UK and as it stands Apple shares are floating around the $500 mark despite all the bad press from the likes of CNN that Apple’s problem is a lack of innovation.  Let’s see how it plays out with 5 and half hours till the big keynote.  I personally don’t expect any surprises.