Whilst on the surface the is little more than a platformer it stands out from the crowd with gorgeous backgrounds and a sound track that should be nominated for awards. If you were on the shelf wondering if £4.99 is worth it for Apple Arcade this is as close to a flagship game for the platform as there has ever been so far.

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, 10 to impress is where we download games from Apple Arcade and give them 10 minutes to impress. The timer starts from the moment gameplay gets going and then it’s live commentary from there.

Little Orpheus could be called the flagship game for Apple Arcade at the moment and it wold be easy to see it as just another platformer with gorgeous graphics as par the course with iOS gaming. What separates Little Orpheus from the pack is it’s stunning soundtrack, recorded by a live orchestra. Along with the strong story and sometimes “Archereqsue” cut scenes a bar has been set high for other platformers.

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Games that get the thumbs up get a long play and the one’s that don’t get put in the wall of shame, or something like that.

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