Overall most have raved about the iPhone SE, those that don’t complain that it’s going to be last years old tech in a few months time when the iPhone 7 is released. All that negativity aside there is some good news for Apple.

Nearly three weeks after launch of the iPhone SE in the US and eleven other regions, availability of the new 4-inch smartphone remains limited.

Major metros across the US tracked by site have no in-store availability. Same goes for a number of international cities in Asia, Australia, Canada and Europe.

Meanwhile online orders in the US and elsewhere show estimated ship times of two to three weeks. Without knowing how many of the devices Apple made, knowing that there aren’t many really isn’t super helpful. Then, again, it will Tim Cook and company an opportunity or two to say something along the lines of,

“And we’ve been blow away by reaction to iPhone SE with demand far exceeding supply.”

Sales of the iPhone SE have no doubt been bolstered in the USA and UK by the trade in program for the most affordable iPhone yet with a size that’s proving to be pleasing to the masses.

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