Manage Multiple iOS Devices Easily With

Bushel Easy Device Management

For some people IT is a task and not a career, bushel lets anyone easily manage Apple devices in a workplace. iPhones, iPads, iPod touches even Macs. Bushel lets you easily set up and protect Apple devices that you distribute to your team or even devices your team already has.

it’s a cloud-based mobile device management or MDM system. With Bushel managing your workplaces devices you can easily provide and manage access to company email accounts, employees don’t even need to manually configure anything to access the company email, which of course is a for any companies IT department.

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Interview With Crystal Developer Dean Murphy. The State Of Adblocking, Inspirations and Life Change. Part 1

Ad Blocking on Crystal

Given the weekends announcement that Marco Arment, the developer of Peace and other great apps, decided to pull his offering, this podcast is strangely on topic for once. It was my great pleasure to interview Dean Murphy of Crystal ( We cover many topics, so much so that it’s a 2 parter edition of the Rampant Mumblings.

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BluePlanetTales. Interactive History Lessons on your iOS Device. Now With Value Subscriptions

Learning about history when I was at school was a long and torterous process. This was back before iPads, smartphones and the like. It was 2 hours of hell copying from one book into another. Needless to say I was dissintereted in History and failed that course. Things would of been a LOT different if BluePlanetTales had been around Im sure of it.
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Adblock Plus releases its web browser for iOS

Since installing Crystal I’ve been vocal on Twitter about just how often I will share a page from zite or flip board into safari to make it easier to read aka less adverts distracting from the content I want to read.

Going one better than Crystal a content blocker for iOS, Adblock for iOS has just been released. What makes it different from crystal is that it’s a full browser with ad blocking built in rather than an add on.
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