Interview With Crystal Developer Dean Murphy. The State Of Adblocking, Inspirations and Life Change. Part 1

Ad Blocking on Crystal

Given the weekends announcement that Marco Arment, the developer of Peace and other great apps, decided to pull his offering, this podcast is strangely on topic for once. It was my great pleasure to interview Dean Murphy of Crystal ( We cover many topics, so much so that it’s a 2 parter edition of the Rampant Mumblings.

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7 Savvy Business Apps You Can’t Live Without

vox audio playlist

Creating the best possible user experience is the goal of most successful smartphone apps. And if you’re running a small business, chances are you do a lot of your business while mobile. Your phone is practically your office as you manage files, payments and expenses. Free or inexpensive apps help get the work done and keep your organized and focused. Entrepreneurs, make use of these often free tools that help businesses grow and run smoother.

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