Sometimes dealing with Siri is great, never missing a beat. Other times a drawn-out, knock-down battle rages, just to get the simplest thing done with Siri. How many times has Siri asked you a question to which you answer with a simple “no” only to be rewarded with “sorry I don’t understand”?

Most people will know the basics “call someone”, “Facetime audio someone”, “tell Karl I’m going to be late for the Podcast” but what if you want to delve deeper? To use the virtual assistants full selection of commands. As per the apparent standard from the Cupertino giant, there is no guide. Apple seem to want you to work it out for yourself. However, help is finally here.

image Hey A Comprehensive Guide On Talking To Siri.

Meet an incredibly useful site letting you browse every command supported by Siri in Apple’s apps. Over 433 commands are documented with 1000 variations ready for your perusal.

The is very Apple-like in design, plenty of white space, easy to read text with a search facility and you can just choose a command you want to find out more about. I wasn’t aware that “I’m Home” existed.

As great as this resource is, the creators are seeking suggestions and feedback to make even better. Here’s hoping for an even bigger update when Siri drops on the Mac later this year.

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