unoTelly, a favourite of the EssentialMac team now lets you watch country specific content on sites such at Netflix, right here in the UK.  Check out the full UnoTelly review for an indepth look.

netflix queue1 How To Get Neflix USA in the UK, unoTelly is the answer.

We are proud to announce UnoTelly will support streaming from Netflix USA* in the upcoming future. With unlimited TV shows and Movie streaming at Netflix USA, you can kiss goodbye to your expensive TV and movie rental bill.

We recently reviewed unoTelly and found it to be an impressive service, letting us hit Hulu, etc with no problems at all with the added on bonus of being faster than VPN solutions.

For more information or to get a free trial hit up

If you are interested on how to sign up for a Netflix account from the UK for USA content we have an article which covers that right here.

Updated on 21st February 2012

UnoTelly has since re-branded as UnoDNS but nothing else has changed.  The same great offerings are still available along with almost fanatical support.  NetFlix USA support is fully up and running and we’re working on an article covering that right now.

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