Popcorn Time is a torrent based verson of netflix, basically if it’s on a popular torrent based website you can view / stream without having to download and wait.  It’s now possible to install Popcorn Time on your iOS device without jailbreaking.

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With iOS 8.1 onwards Apple  have plugged the hole that allowed emulators to be installed with the date and time trick. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible as 8.1 is jail breakable at the time of posting and that includes the newer iPhones.

Just to put in a standard disclaimer, essentialmac neither condemns nor condones the use of these hacks for your iPhone or using PopCorn Time. Let’s face facts here and look at the toxic hell stew that’s known as Android. Not to say that all developers are malicious with intent by any stretch of the imagination. Look at Saurik as an example of when things go right.

We always like to hear back from the community so if you have any update information on this topic we’d love for you to get in touch. Just use the contact form above and let us know if you’ve managed to get it working along with your device and iOS version and we’ll publish the results. You can also post in the comments below.

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time.
  2. Switch off Set Automatically.
  3. Change the date to September 20th, or any earlier date.
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  4. Open Safari browser, and visit one of the following page (they’re all Popcorn Time app based on iOS source code released by Time4Popcorn.eu compiled by different persons):
  5. http://www.pgyer.com/popcorntimenojailbreak
  6. Tap the green button to download and install Popcorn Time.
  7. Run Popcorn Time after it has installed and tap Trust on the developer warning dialog.
  8. Go back to Settings -> General -> Date & Time.
  9. Switch on Set Automatically.
  10. You’re done. Enjoy the free movies and TV shows streamed directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Of course we neither condemn nor condone such activities and you take your own risks with installing apps like this. That being said we’d love to hear from anyone who does this and let us know how much bandwidth popcorn time uses on your device.

Looking for PopCornTime.io for mac or are you stuck on the Please Wait screen. with our PopCornTime for Mac coverage

PopCornTime Not Working? Try Playbox for iOS

If you’ve taken the update for iOS 8.2 you might find that PopCorn time is no longer working, boots up and then crashes or needs a password to gain access.  If trying to get it working is driving you insane then check out PlayBox for iOS a direct competitor for PopCorn Time BUT doesn’t need any hacks, jailbreaks or the such to work.

It takes about 24 hours for PlayBox for iOS to get activated but then when it;s done you can stream, download and airplay movies to your heart’s content.

[mks_one_third] How To Install Popcorn Time Without Jailbreaking[/mks_one_third][mks_one_third] How To Install Popcorn Time Without Jailbreaking[/mks_one_third][mks_one_third] How To Install Popcorn Time Without Jailbreaking[/mks_one_third]

Updated Guide On How To Install PopCornTime on iPhone / iPad

There’s a new guide to installing popcorn Time on your iOS device and you might also want to check out the news that 5 of the major ISP’s have started blocking access to the website.  It’s fine if you already have the app as video distribution works on the torrent network.

Let us know below in the comments how you get on with side loading popcorn time onto your iOS device.

Updated 8th November 2015.

One of the most popular threads on this site deserves to be updated.

If you are struggling to install PopCorn time, face a blank stream when trying to stream (even if you have changed your DNS) then you might want to take a look at :

How to install PlayBox hd for iOS 9 / 9.1 without jailbreaking is now available as a walk through. From installing vShare market place, installing PlayBox HD to changing your DNS settings to allow streaming we have it covered.

Popcorn Time FAQ’s

What is the Password for Popcorn Time?

Thanks to the those who put comments below. The password is “popcorntime”.

I get a blank screen when trying to stream a movie or tv show

More than likely this is down to your ISP blocking the most commonly used sources for torrents.  The free workout to try is changing your DNS on your device to, force quitting the app and then trying again.  If that doesn’t work try using a VPN.

If you have any hints or tips for using either Popcorn Time or PlayBox hd for iOS 9 / 9.1 without jailbreaking please let us know in the comments below and help your fellow users.

Good news Popcorn Time Is back

Since being taken down by the MPAA in october you might have noticed that the download has gone but the app still works. We’ve an updated guide on how to install the new version Butter time right here


  1. I just tried it myself and it didnt work. When i go to the first link it asks a password. But what i see this is version 1.1 and on the second link its about version 1.0. so its probably still being worked on.
    i have version 8.1.1

  2. i can’t get any of them to work i have ios 8.1.3 any suggestions??
    are they working on a fix to get them to work?

  3. Hi Tricia!! Did you manage to install the popcorn time? I have the same problem. I installed the cloud movies available on iTunes but it’s cr@p!!!! I Don’t really want to jailbreak the iPad (mainly cause I don’t want to link the iPad to the computer!!!!!)
    Hope you had a better luck then me!

  4. No I had no luck hoping they come up with something soon to install on the iOS 8.1.3 let me know if you find out something!!!

  5. When I try to install on iphone 6 with ios 8.1.3, never got this method working. Please help.

  6. No worries!!!! In the end I installed on my android phone and on my laptop. But as soon as I find something out ill let you know!

  7. Has anyone had this work yet? Mine gets halfway through the install and then stops

  8. When i change the date I can’t make connection with my browser. I have to rechange to use it.

  9. which link is working with you guys? cant get it to work on ios 8.3

  10. Hey everyone. Thanks for the comments. Good news. Theres an updated guide on installing Popcorn Time for iOS.


    Also for UK users check out that UK high courts have started blocking access to PopcornTime’s webpage as well. If you want to get around that try UnoTelly or other workarounds.


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