Apple music took two big steps for Beats and bass lovers, Apple streaming services done a deal with Dubset media holdings that will allow Apple music to stream remixes mash ups and DJ mixes that were previously unavailable due to copyright issues.

You know how one band will have concerns over whether it’s being paid properly when somebody streams a song? Now imagine trying to work that out for should I stay or should I boogie an insane mashup of “Should I stay or should I go” by the Clash and Michael Jackson’s “Blame it on the boogie”.


Some of my favorite mash ups up for five different songs crammed into one. Who can figure out who should be paying how much for that? Dubset said says it can things to its mix bank technology.

According to the piece mix bank can analyze a remix or DJ mix and identify the original recordings within the file and pay the rights holders and publishers.

It also gives the rights holders the ability to blacklist songs or set limits on how much of a song can be used in a mix.

So if all the songs in the world were enough for you now you can have all the songs playing on top of other songs simultaneously.

No word on when mixes will be available on the service also be interesting to find out how one gets its mix to the Apple music powers that be.
If you want to get your Mix or Mashup onto Apple music it seems you have to go via the Dubset service.


I have a mashup that I did once I’d like to make it available it’s Ministry and Britney Spears 😀

Source ( Billboard )

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