This seems to have been the ultimate vision for Apple and the Watch since it’s inceptop. AppleWatch Series 3 comes with built in cellular without the bulk that hampered the Samsung Gear offering on it’s release.

You can go for run with just your watch, and still be connected, you can leave your phone when you go to the beach or just run a quick errand and it’s really nice to know you can be reached it needed whilst staying in the moment.

You can receive an important call with just your watch, and the number is the same number as your iPhone, there’s no separate number to manage. Messages will hit your number, maps can pull data without out phone and will automatically switch to the watch when away from your phone.

Apple Watch Series 3 And Apple Music.

Impressive and yet potentially impractical you can now stream over 40 million songs right from your right. You’ll have access to all your favourite music. You can listen to Beats 1 live or any Apple Radio Music Station all you need to stay motivated and with carriers like Verzion and AT&T already partnered you’ll be spending an additional $10 a month for streaming music to the Apple watch.

Featuring A Dual Core Processor
AppleWatch is packed with a dual core cpu delivering up to 70% more performance. Siri is quicker than ever and thanks to the new processor for the first time on Apple Watch Siri can talk.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Apple has had the fabrication team working over time again with a new custom chip called W2 delivering up faster wifi yet still managing to be 50% more power efficient.

Barometric Altimeter. You’ll be able to see elevation gains after a work out or just mastering those stairs in work

By far the biggest challenge for Apple for adding cellular is how to add all these antennas and not make the thing bigger. Rather than add an antenna the display itself is the antenna. A sim card, even nano is too big so Apple implemented an e-sim.

The net result is the case for the AppleWatch series 3 is the same size as AppleWatch Series 2, with the back crystal being expanded by 2 sheets of A4 paper.

Of course the biggest question are all these features enough to make you want to upgrade? Personally it’s tempting and if I had the cash I’d be tempted but that all depends on the data plans and caps the watch is going to use.

Battery life wasn’t mentioned during the presentation. On the series 2 running with music piping to airpods using strava all adds up to a drain on the battery, however that being said the price difference between non and cellular versions is only $80.
It’s great to see that Apple has nailed stuff for the runners, joggers and swimmers…but what about us cyclists? How about letting it pair with Ant + or Bluetooth devices for measuring power and cadence… Here’s waiting for the Apple Watch Series 4.

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