Chances are if you bought the Apple Watch you hedged your bets and went with the Sport edition (quite rightly too btw) but might have looked at the stainless steel edition with a touch of envy. Well leave it to Amazon to turn up a stainless steel watch band for only $36.99

Alas for those of us in the Uk This item does not ship to the United Kingdom and although the listing page says “Please check other sellers who may ship internationall/“ on the GMT side of the pond it’s a case of wait and see.

For those in the USA there seems to be no shortage of 3rd party (read knockoff) Apple watch bands including a Milanese Loop retailing for only $32.99.

Take the reviews with a pinch of salt however as theres some very dodgy grammer (not that this site can comment on such things) but for that money it seems to be worth a good old fashioned punt.

Updated 27th March



If you purchased a third party Apple Watch band please let us know how you get one

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  1. I nearly purchased on of these this morning, however I failed to hit that buy option. I did spot a rather nice looking Black Stainless Steel one and I might just revisit it later today and give it a try.

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