Just watched Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy in the UK on BBC HD and had to write this.  For those who don’t know or care about Stephen Fry he’s one of those super intelligent types but pleasing to listen and talk to.  This is a small transcript of his interview and the Stephen Fry quote of the year..

“There are a lot of people that actually when you compare the Apple product which the functional equivalent…”

Fry interrupts passionately
“But the functionality is not the point…

Interviewer continuing
“…you see that it’s more style over substance”

Stephen Fry interrupts even more passionately.

‘no, no no you could not be more wrong. I wouldn’t wish to be rude to you but it is.  It is astonishing to think that in the 21st century people still think there is a distinction between style and substance. The two are not the same. The better it looks the more you want to use it the more function you get out of it anyway”.


As for the actual show itself, it wasn’t really anything more than a highlight reel or a breif glossary of the Steve Jobs autobiography.  It aimed seemed to be appealing those those who might be slightly interested in the man himself with only a cursory knowledge of all things Apple and Jobs.  Apple fans or those who follow all things Apple certainly  wouldn’t find anything new here.

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