Looks like we might be heading closer towards the iOS ification of OSX as we know it with the upcoming release of OSX Yosemite. Phil Schiller has definitely been to the school of Johnny Ive when it comes to his product demonstrations.

OS X Yosemite will be a fantastic new release with a new interface, big enhancements to our most popular apps and something all new we call Continuity

OS X Yosemite Design

OS X of course started with the bold design of Aqua and over the years it’s evolved to the refined look we all love today in Mavericks. With Yosemite we continue this evolution and I’d like to give you a look and where were headed.

We started with the most fundamental controls, focused always on clarity as well as utility. We refined the toolbars in the window materials and the window constructions and if you look at the window title bar to see how these of translucent materials give you a sense of place as you scroll your content. Now the same carefully crafted translucent materials are used in the sidebars so now your windows take on the personality of your desktop.

As you change your desktop picture your window adapts to reflect that personality and that temperature and that translucency also helps maintain a sense of depth and place as you move your Windows over one another.

We also use the same gorgeous translucent material for the dock and check out these beautifully crafted new icons so clean and yet so fundamentally still Mac and check out the trash can, that is a gorgeous trash can. You wouldn’t believe how much time we spent crafting a trashcan

We also focused on precise and consistent typography throughout so from the menus to the window chrome to application controls, consistent and clear type. Now we know for our Pro users often they really want to focus on the center of the screen and not be distracted by brighttmenus and bright dock so we also introduced a dark mode.

Of course these changes extend through to the applications you notice here with calendar this construction with a common toolbar and title bar area that makes the window both more distinctly recognizable but more importantly maximize the space available for content and we carry this over throughout the system to apps like maps.

Now we also have a new look for sidebar apps like messages you can see here with the beautiful translucent material running top to bottom and we extend apps like Facetime, contacts and reminders. All in all they come together for gorgeous and more usable version of OS X the best ever.

OS X Yosemite notification center

let’s talk about notification center. Notification centre on OS X of course adopts the dark translucent material, precise type of Yosemite. It also now most importantly as a new today view to get at a glance look at your calendar, your reminders, weather and more but most importantly you can extend the contents of today view to debut the contents of widgets and apps that you downloaded from the app store, just add them right in and set up the today view that you want for at a glance access to information and that is notification centre.

OS X Yosemite Spotlight

Next up spotlight. Spotlight is always been superfast way to launch applications and find content local on your Mac. In Yosemite is a great new interface so when you click on the magnifying glass on the toolbar you get a big field right in the middle of the display and if you type a few characters you can launch anapp like that, or type the name of the document and you get great search resulted in in-line preview, it’s really awesome.

In addition to these sources local to your Mac we also tap into sources of information on the Internet so for instance type a few characters in like Yosemite you can get newsfeed information from Wikipedia and even maps all at your fingertips.

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