Smarty Mobile Internet £20 Unlimited Data Reviewed

Smarty is a relative newcomer in the mobile data provider space, shaking up the industry with it’s £20 for unlimited data offering.  Having been on the road for the last few months I decided to do a small video to see how it performs.

This is not a sponsored but…

If you fancy a FREE month on your mobile, use this code to sign-up with SMARTY. Here’s my link: with the added bonus of I will also receive a month free.

Is there a contract?

What I failed to get across in the video is that it’s a one month rolling contract.  If you look at the competitors quite a few of them will try to tie you into a 12 or 24 month contract.  Feel free to cancel at the end of the month and there’s no penalty.

Finally, facebook has decided to show me nothing but adverts for other mobile data deals and on the face of it some of them look a lot cheaper but, as always, be savvy.  Check the terms and conditions as some work as a cashback scheme which is ok if you have the cash to start with.