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Coding is increasingly becoming an essential skill, and one of the best ways to introduce kids to coding is by teaching them to code with Apple’s Swift. Swift is a programming language used in Apple products like iPhone, Mac, IPads, and Apple TVs. It is an excellent way for kids to learn to code as it allows them to learn and apply their knowledge in a fun and engaging way by creating apps and games.

The open nature of the Swift programming language gives developers the freedom to actualize their ideas. It is also similar to other programming languages, meaning kids who learn to code with Swift can apply it to other platforms. Besides instilling technical skills in kids, Swift is a valuable addition to childhood education as it can improve educational outcomes for kids. Here are some practical tips to help your kids learn to code with Apple’s Swift.

Teaching Kids How to Code

You can help your kids learn to code with Swift using the available coding resources by Apple. Apple has a Swift coding curriculum known as Everyone Can Code that facilitates coding as part of childhood education and enhances learning. Continue reading for the various ways you can use to get your child to learn Swift.

Apple Workshops

While having Apple products like IPads makes learning to code much easier and convenient as you can teach your kids at home, you shouldn’t worry if your kids don’t have the devices. You can teach your kids Swift coding by taking them to Apple workshops that happen periodically at Apple stores. During the workshops, your kids get to learn how Apple developers work. Other than Swift workshops, other programs can interest your kids, such as robotics.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is an app by Apple that teaches how to code. The puzzles range from simple puzzles that teach kids the basics of coding to more advanced challenges. While anyone can use Swift Playgrounds, it is ideal for young learners and students who want to learn to code as it requires no prior coding knowledge.

To teach your kids using Swift Playgrounds, you first have to download the app on your device and familiarize your kids with fundamental Swift coding concepts. These include such as functions, commands, variables, conditional codes, bug fixing, and loops. Your kids can then start solving the simple puzzles and advance as they get better.

Note that not all Apple products support the app, and you can only download it on an IPad or Mac. However, it is compatible with Bluetooth accessories and devices. The concepts in Swift are added regularly so that your kids are never out of new things to learn. Your kids don’t have to miss out on learning if they are visually impaired. Swift Playgrounds uses tactile graphics you can print using braille embossers to help them navigate the puzzles with ease.

Apple Books

Although Swift Playgrounds gives your kids a practical approach to learn to code, Apple Books are also crucial. It also helps explain concepts much clearly to help your kids navigate Swift Playgrounds. In Apple’s Everyone Can Code curriculum, you can download several books and guides to help your kids learn to code. They also provide teacher guides to help you educate your kids better. Some valuable resources you can download include A Quick Start to Code, Everyone Can Code Puzzles and Everyone Can Code Adventures.

  • A Quick Start to Code.
    A Quick Start to Code is a guide ideal for both parents and teachers who need to incorporate Swift coding in childhood education programs. It contains ten puzzles ideal tailored to students of ten-year-olds and above and offers a means to practice coding on the Swift Playgrounds app.
  • Everyone can Code Puzzles.
    Everyone Can Code Puzzles is a 40-hour book that you can download freely from Apple Bookstore. The book contains numerous activities that can help your kids get acquainted with coding. It builds on what the learner already knows in every chapter and allows them to apply the knowledge.
  • Everyone can Code Adventure.
    Once your kids are through with the Puzzles, you can introduce them to the Everyone Can Code Adventures book. It offers an advanced approach to swift coding where kids can explore event-driven programming, as well as hardware features. Everyone Can Code Adventures, therefore, allows your kids to build with Swift.

Your Child Can Learn Coding Too

When teaching kids to code, don’t rush or overwhelm them. Since every child has unique learning abilities, adjust your expectations to suit your child’s pace. Doing so builds the kids’ confidence and motivates them to be creative and learn to code much faster. If you need help teaching your kids how to code with Swift, you can enroll them in a coding school for professional assistance.

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