Apple has been busy updating Macs here in 2015, but there are still many models yet untouched, notably the company’s 21-inch iMac line. That omission will be addressed this Fall with the introduction of 21-inch 4K iMacs running OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

And, we “know” this because of clues found buried deep within OS X El Capitan Developer Preview 2.

As is often the case with sightings, 9 to 5 Mac’s Mark Gurman is the instrument of delivery:

Likely destined for a refreshed version of the 21.5-inch iMac, which currently does not have a Retina display, the new El Capitan beta references Mac support for a new 4096 x 2304 resolution Apple-made display panel. [Further] the software upgrade includes references to a new Intel graphics chipset known as the Iris Pro 6200. This new, Broadwell-integrated graphics processor launched earlier this month and would be a natural fit for powering a 4K iMac.

Additionally, Gurmans adds there are references to four new AMD Radeon R9 GPUs — M380, M390, M395, M395Xm — at least some of which might find they way into a 4K iMac.

And, isn’t it funny to think about 4K as UltraHD? Apple’s still rolling out 4K yet Asia’s consumer electronics line cooks are already prepping 8K products.

Lastly, OS X El Capitan also includes references to an all-new Bluetooth Remote. Apple hasn’t update its pint-sized and easily lost remote in years and a refresh has been rumored several years running now.

As nice as an Apple Remote with infrared and multi-touch, both technologies are rumored, the thing the rest of us want most of all is a fully updated and upgraded Apple TV. Apparently, the Apple TV hockey puck hardware is ready, but Apple is purportedly withholding it because they can’t line up content deals.

To that I say, to hell with Hollywood and ship the damn box already…

Liking the idea of a 4K iMac? How’s about a new Apple Remote and/or Apple TV?

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