Last month Amazon launched Amazon Prime monthly in the US, allowing customers to subscribe to the service on a monthly basis, instead of paying a full year of service upfront. No information was provided on offering this subscription tier to other markets that the company operates in.

We have spotted that the monthly tier of Prime is now available in the UK, too. When going to the Prime Subscription page, you are greeted with two options as shown above: monthly or annually. The monthly option comes in at £7.99/month and includes all of the Prime features you’d expect, whereas the annual tier comes to £79/year, equating to £6.58/month.

While the monthly option is more expensive, it provides customers more control over their use of the service. For example, if you wish to only use Prime for Amazon’s Grocery service, or for a few Prime Video’s here-and-there, then this option could be best suited for you, as it allows you to cancel after the month, giving you the flexibility to choose when you most need it.

As there has been no official announcement of Prime monthly in the UK, it is possible that this is a small roll-out of the service. If you don’t see the monthly option just yet, don’t worry, as it appears to be on its way.

Benefits of the Prime service are increasing, as Amazon recently announced that video creators can now submit content to Amazon Video, as part of their new Amazon Video Direct platform, to rival Google’s YouTube. The company also wishes to offer its subscribers more original, unique content, thus stating that it would like to release 12 proper movies per year.

If you wish to give the new monthly option a try, you can start your Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription here.

2 Amazon Prime monthly subscription now available in the UK

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