If you have ever used Voice Memos to capture song ideas on your iPhone then you will feel right at home with this new free app from Apple. It takes all the things you love about Voice Memos but adds new features designed just for musicians.

Apple’s new Music Memos is the perfect app for any musician or songwriter to easily capture, organize and grow their song ideas. You can download Music Memos for free on the App Store and it is 100% compatible with Apogee’s range of iOS audio interfaces such as MiC 96k and ONE. Regardless of where you are in your songwriting process, just connect an Apogee iOS interface, open Music Memos, and record your ideas in pristine audio quality.

  • Apogee MiC / JAM and all other iOS audio interfaces are fully compatible with Apple’s Music Memos on iPhone and iPad
  • Music Memos captures in 24-bit / 44.1kHz making it a perfect a combination for recording high fidelity audio
  • Music Memos builds a library of your song ideas that you can tag and rate to make it easier to find your favorites at any time
  • Music Memos projects can be easily shared to GarageBand on iOS or Mac as well as Logic Pro X on Mac, so you can take your best ideas and continue working on developing them into complete songs.

Recently I’ve been using music memos to record parts of the podcast in the knowledge that the files are going to be available across all devices.

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