Images have surfaced reported to be the new Apple HomePod mini. The 3.3 inch speaker room into retail at $99 has now been uncovered with the images being late on the Internet.

These images are courtesy of @evleaks citing the HomePod mini is going to be available in space grey and white
HomePod Mini Grey Apple HomePod Mini Images Leaked

Do you know HomePod was released back in 2018 and still ranks highly as one of the best sounding speakers on the market at that price point. That hasn’t stopped its competitors like Apple coming up with the Amazon echo studio nibbling on its heels not only in terms of price but good signing audio given its price point.

If you are working at Apple it’s not hard to imagine that the atmosphere must be pretty dire right now we pretty much have everything leaked apart from process of specifics in their devices and it’s the first time in awhile that multiple leaks have been released and then confirmed true by other leakers.

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