Yes I’m not kidding you you have read that headline correct. Before we’ve even had the rumoured March Apple press events we are in a new bout of rumours concerning a new iPhone next year. Not this coming September but the iPhone that may be released in 2017.

The unsurprising positive press about Samsung using O LED technology in their new flagship phone the Galaxy S4 has sparked new rumours from the Chinese news service Nikkei. OLED technology has been around for years but only now has it just found mainstream adaptation. OLED Our news for manufacturers to create thinner, lighter and more flexible displays which also boast impressive contrast capabilities. Most importantly they barely use any power in comparison to their LED counterparts which may give Apple users that coveted longer battery life that we all long after. Apple is no stranger to this technology as they have dabbled in this area by using OLED displays on the Apple watch, helping battery life by turning off pixels.

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