Apple’s in trouble yet again with something it’s named and this time Split View is under scrutiny. Split view is the 2 pane view bought in iOS 9 and adding a new usefulness to the iPad. The Delhi High Court has ordered the Cupertino company to stop actively using the marketing term SplitView in India over an alleged trademark infringement.

Nestled within India is a company there called Vyooh, who is a Microsoft vendor, and they apparently have the name ‘SplitView’ trademarked.

A report from the Indian Times said,

“The Delhi High Court has directed the US tech giant not to use the name ‘SplitView’ in any of its products or services such as iPad, iPhone or iOS operating system after a little known Delhi-based software company Vyooh moved court, alleging trademark violation.”


SplitView enables a true multi-monitor experience with VMware VDI, Citrix (RDP and ICA), Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, HP RGS, Sun Ray ALP as well as other virtualization, remote desktop and thin client technologies. Additionally, SplitView provides several productivity boosting enhancements such as the ability to move windows efficiently between multiple monitors.

Court documents have an unidentified source, likely a principle at Vyooh, saying “This order will send a strong message to multinational software companies to respect the intellectual property rights of Indian software developers.” Or, you know, it could send a strong message about what a PITA it can be to do business on the subcontinent.

You could be forgiven to be just a touch cynical at the timing of this court case given Apple is about to launch a major push into Indian territories but if they own the trademark it isn’t unlike Apple to ignore such things.

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