There was another interesting note about Apple out UBS on Wednesday though it didn’t come from the guy who follows Apple for UBS. Investor’s Business Daily had Bruce Wilcox, director of natural language strategy at Kore, a startup developing bots for enterprise platforms, saying Apple really needs to start making bots — because when you’re a hammer…. The piece reminds readers what bots are.

Quoting that part:

A bot is software that automates tasks. Consumer applications for bots include buying movie tickets or making hotel reservations. Businesses are using bots to handle things such as customer service or scheduling meetings. Chatbots, meanwhile, are software programs that simulate conversation about a range of topics.

Facebook’s got them, Microsoft’s got them, and it’s death for Apple apparently if it doesn’t get them. Quoting UBS quoting Wilcox:

Do I think that Apple’s in trouble if it doesn’t do something in a bot’s world? Sure, because why would you want to download and install all sorts of apps from the App Store when you can get access to bots effectively through one app? iPhones have had a charisma of a better user experience. Bots are going to be wiping out user interface distinctions. The App Store will sell fewer things. People will have less reason to buy an iPhone. So yes, Apple’s going to have to do something.

Apple’s Siri is a question/answer bot. You ask it a question, it gives you an answer. End of discussion. She finds the answer to questions but does not control the world. Bot platforms try to do both.

End of discussion. Of course, end of discussion. I’m pretty sure that’s how Apple feels, right? SIRI’s gone about as far as it go. I’m sorry, remind me Mr. Wilcox, you make what, again?

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