You know who’s never ever ever gonna go broke ever, Apple attorneys. Three lawsuits have been filed against Apple this week.

Class Action Lawsuit 1: Error 53

First up there is “error 53” lawsuits. True to it’s saber rattling which sounds an awful lot like paper shuffling, earlier this week the Seattle-based law firm PC BA is going ahead with its error 53 class-action lawsuit.

Recapping a bit. Error 53 is an error loop experienced by some iPhone owners when they try to update their phones software.

Apple explained that the error occurs when people have touch ID home buttons or other components sometimes replaced by unauthorized repair shops that cannot rejoin the new part or parts with the iPhone’s secure enclave.

That’s the part that keeps some of the most sensitive data on an iPhone from falling into the wrong hands.

Earlier this week PCVA said it might pursue a class-action lawsuit against the Cupertino company now Apple insider says papers are in and away we go.

Now Apple insider says papers are in and away we go. Quoting the report filed with the US District Court for the Northern District of California the pending suit alleges

Apple has gone too far sometimes to control the iPhone hardware platform saying the error 53 message some users are seeing as a result of unauthorized repairs warrants reddress

The piece says PCVA is looking for at least $5 million in damages and restitution for people hit with their 53. The firm is also looking for a software update from Apple that removes the imposed repair restriction from iOS.

That sounds all well and good but in the land of reality where are you going to get a replacement touch ID sensor. If you repair the unit yourself then what about warranty issues?

Suit number 2: the patent holding company VOIP Pal is suing AT&T Verizon and Apple for alleged patent infringement according to the report Voip Pals  filing says the system Apple uses to determine whether conversations in the messages app should use iMessage or standard SMS and the system for deciding when to use Wi-Fi calling are covered by patents it owns.

The firm is dreadfully let’s make a deal with Apple and the others but they weren’t interested instead Voip Pall is suing looking for $2.8 billion from Apple 1.8 billion from AT&T and 2.3 billion from Verizon

Class Actin Suite no 3: Suing over haptic Feedback.

A company that actually develops haptic feedback systems is suing Apple over you guessed it haptic feedback systems.

The firm called “Immersion” has filed suit arguing that a lot of Apple’s recent products violate 3 of its patents. according to immersion iPhone 6, 6+ iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus and all of the Apple watches violate two patents.

One called haptic feedback system and another called method and apparatus for providing tactile sensations.

Additionally the company says the 6s and 6s plus violate a third patent tied to an interactivity model for shared feedback on mobile devices.

Immersion has filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission as well the company is asking the ITC to block the important sale of all of the named devices in the suit in the states. Oddly the piece is AT&T is also named in the suit what makes that odd no other carrier is named.

Anyways Apple’s lawyers are going hungry in 2016

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