Remember earlier this year when France’s deputy minister for digital affairs Accel Lamere said that her government had no interest in requiring backdoors into encryption. Well a proposed amendment to a proposed law could see Apple facing fines of €1 million if it fails to introduce backdoors into it’s devices.

The website out of France has published there is a law going for consideration and a proposed amendment that could see Apple facing fines of up to €1 million if it doesn’t hack iPhones when it asked/told to do so.

According to reports on Monday, French socialist member of Parliament Yann Galut proposed an amendment to French law that it passed would see the US companies punished if they didn’t give French officials back door access to terrorists phones

The piece is featured on the paper LeParisien

we are faced with a legal vacuum when it comes to data encryption and its blocking judicial investigations only money will force these extremely powerful companies like Apple and Google to comply they are hiding behind the supposedly privacy protection but they’re quick to make commercial use of the personal data there collecting

According to the member of Parliament companies like Google and Apple are operating under total bad faith.

So anyone else think that the FBI iPhone case is still just about that one phone and isn’t going to be a worldwide president? Tune in to the latest Rampant Mumblings Podcast where we discuss “do we have a right to privacy”

Update France Lawmakers have cleared the bill so it can start its way to parliament.


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