France is a bit miffed with the Cupertino company. The piece says the country’s competition regulators have levied a fine of €48.5 million, roughly $55.3 million, for the control Apple exerts over its dealing with carriers.

It also has to change those dealings because the government of France says they’re illegal. What’s so egregious? Quoting the report,

Carriers have to order a minimum number of iPhones, pay for ads (including in-store displays), cover some of the costs of repairs, let Apple use some of their patents and offer their branding as Apple sees fit. At the same time, they give up control over using Apple’s brand and lose power over payment plans.

In other words, what they do here in the UK. There’s one more worry with the French carriers. It might come as no surprise that Apple can also void a contract without any heads-up.

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