The iPhone’s camera has come on leaps and bounds since it’s original release but there’s always one constant that’s never changed, the position of the lens. Sure placement is great for taking photos in front of you or at eye level but what about if you wanted to get a little more creative.

This is where the HiLO lens comes into place, letting you shoot low-angle shots or get above heads of the masses over up in the air shots. All this without having to either get on the floor, stand on something to get above everyone and with being able to frame your shots with ease.

Orignaly HiLO started out as a Kickstarter project with a target of $27,500 they went on to smash this, gaining pledges of support of $38,252.

Nice Packaging.

Leave it to a Kickstarter based project to come up with a neat idea, coupled with neat packaging. My HiLO arrive in the bullet shaped case that serves not only as a snug. compact holder but nestled away inside the cap is a lens cleaning cloth with an added bonus of being attached to the cap so theres no fear of loosing it.

HiLO Package Hilo Lens First Look. A Different Perspective For your Photos

An optional X-Style case came with my unit and i’ll be looking at that more in depth on the final review. In the last few weeks of using it’s successfully saved my phone more than once by covering the traditional drop areas on an iPhone.

The lense itself sticks to your phone but doesn’t leave any residue. It’s the same sort of sticky / tack similar to those kids toys you could throw against against any almost flat surface and it would stick. Of course that does mean a little TLC is needed to keep it clean.

HiLO App.

There’s an App for that then HiLO is no exception with HiLO Lens – App

HiLO Lense App Hilo Lens First Look. A Different Perspective For your Photos

There’s a lot to cover in the App that i’ll leave for the final review but the most interesting feature is in it’s siri / google glass style voice recognition. You can take photos just by speaking a command

“HiLO, take a photo,”
“HiLO, begin video,” etc.

So when the phone is lying down on the floor to take an upwards looking shot or you’d rather be concentrating on holding the phone steady for a close up shot it’s handy not to have to worry about any wobbling caused by having to touch the screen to get the picture taken.

There is also a practical aspect to the app as well with corrects the prism reversed image and straightens out the barreling effect and fixes images which aren’t dead straight with a 2 fingered gesture.


As for the pictures themselves all I’ll say for now is that YES, it does work and makes an impressive difference. Find out more from the HiLO Lense Website

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