KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is not always right he does however get more hits than most. This time he is touting the idea of a $225 iPhone.

The international business Times has dug a bit into a report brought you Monday “Phone 5 to Stick Around” which had the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo cutting his expectation for sales of iPhone SE in 2016. He did that because he thinks Apple is going to leave iPhone 5S on the market at a reduced price.

Why would people go for a three-year-old phone rather than the state-of-the-art model $225?  Kuo thinks Apple could cut the price of the 5S by as much as 50% hence the bargain basement price.

It’ll be interesting to see whether that’s going to be available for developed markets like the US and the UK or kept strictly for developing and emerging markets like China and India and parts of Africa and Asia. It will also be interesting to see whether it actually happens for as I say KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is not always right he does however get more hits than most.

Other reports about the iPhone SE say it’s a will not include support for 3-D touch. The only reason I can see that Apple would not have 3-D touch in the revamped four-inch iPhone is to keep build cost down but if the iPhone SE is meant to simply be a smaller phone, not a budget phone, leaving out 3-D touch makes no sense.

I thought it might have to do it battery life since the four-inch phone will have a smaller battery than the phones that currently employ 3-D touch then I thought about Apple watches so how big a battery drain can it?

It’s possible I suppose that Apple has a big feature coming with 3-D touch and they want to keep it off this phone as the differentiator. Again the iPhone SE looks to be a phone for people want a smaller phone not a less-expensive phone even if it happens to end up being less expensive the course all of this assumes that there will be a revamped four-inch iPhone which everybody is assuming at this point

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