Dragon Anywhere is the only mobile dictation solution that offers continuous dictation – with no time or length limits – robust voice formatting and editing, and customisation features that can be synchronized across devices.

Dragon Anywhere boasts key customisation features like auto-texts and custom words that can be automatically synchronized with Dragon Professional Individual and Dragon for Mac, and vice versa, ensuring that professionals can maintain consistent workflows across their devices, share custom terminology, and remain productive.

Once Dragon Anywhere is purchased through the Nuance online store, the app can be downloaded in Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

Thats the press release over and done with so what is it like to use in the real world. Well it’s as awesome as it is frustrating.

The awesome bit is having live, real time, continuous dictation right from your mobile device so long as you have data. There is no offline capability what so ever. Accuracy wise Dragon Anywhere is really accurate, really really accurate. So long as you don’t introduce human error and speak clearly you’ll be very impressed with the speed and hit rate of Dragon Anywhere.

It’s just a shame that the file management is where it all falls down. Forget about sharing using online services, forget about saving directly to google drive or iCloud. You have to pull the document, edit it locally and then publish it back to the original location.

Why Dragon Anywhere can’t save a document back to the cloud automatically when you go back into the main menu is anyones guess.

Dragon Anywhere pricing.

Compared to other online services which offer a lot more, no two ways about it Dragon Anywhere is costly.

Pricing is subscription based — 1 month: $15, 3 months: $40, 12 months: $150 (USA dollars)

Putting this into some perspective :

Photoshop CC for $17 per month (12 month plan required).
Office 365 from $7 a month.
Siri comes free regardless of its limitations.
Cortana has baked in integration with Onenote for free.
Google Docs also has an add-on allowing for dictation as well for free. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing ($29 lifetime purchase) can teach you how to type.

Granted the latter of the apps in that list don’t perform anywhere near as good as Dragon Anywhere but seeing Photoshop on that list should make eyes water as you’re getting a whole lot more for your money there.

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