Popcorn Time from PopcornTime.io is back and this time with working links. If you have never heard of Popcorn Time think of it as the Bit Torrent version of Netflix, letting you watch movies and TV shows right on your device.

Where Can I download Popcorn Time?

The old website is has long since been dead but the good news is that you can get to PopcornTime.sh instead where you’ll find downloads for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android but sadly no mention of iOS.

Popcorn Time Butter Project Popcorn Time is Working Again. Hail Hydra update

If you can track down the old installer for PopCorn Time then it’s likely to start working again but for how long and with no real update mechanism, how long it will work for is anyones guess.

When running on the Mac you might get the error “Popcorn-Time” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

How to fix: Goto system preferences -> Security And Privacy -> Click on Open anyway.

You many need to enter your system password. A word of warning! There is no way to be sure that this is entirely safe and so think carefully before you install any app from an untrusted developer, especially one with such nefarious purposes as this.

Stuck on Loading Screen?

When loading up you might get stuck on the loading screen as I have, if you have a fix for this please leave a message below in the comments.

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