Looking for good new around iPhone? Well, look no further than South Korea — which is probably pretty far for most of you to look. Patently Apple has word of a new survey from the country. According to Gallup Korea, 41% of respondents between 20-29 years old prefer iPhone to phones made by South Korea’s own Samsung.

Older consumers favor for the hometown player. According to the piece, 57% of respondents aged 50-59 preferred Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones. Mostly the country does belong to Samsung. Quoting the report

In the big picture, 56 percent of the total respondents said that they use Samsung smartphones, 19 percent use LG smartphones and 17 percent use iPhones

But Apple has got the young people, who will be older people one day. Meanwhile the old people will be… people who no longer need smartphones. And where will Samsung be then? Patently Apple sees the interest on the part of the younger consumers as proof that Apple needs to open a store in South Korea. Add that to the list of things that everyone knows Apple needs to do.

Source : Patently Apple

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