Hey guess what Gartner’s heard about smart watches, have you? CNET has the market tracker and predictor saying that Apple watches been popularizing wearables as a lifestyle trend. All hail the marketing might of Cupertino.

By Gartner’s reckoning smart watch sales came in at roughly 30 million units last year this year the firm expects smart watch sales of 50 million units rolling in the unit sales in 2017 of 66.7 million.

Mevenue for the segment is projected at 11 1/2 billion dollars this year climbing up to 17.5 billion by 2019 according to the firm.

Like the old days of smart phones versus feature phones, all smart watches will rake in more money per unit. The bigger pile of money today will be made by connected trackers.

Adding in activity trackers and similar devices money made in wearables rises from $11.5 billion mentioned earlier to $28.7 billion this year according to Gartner.

That sounds like we more feature wearables than Smart watches though Gartner predicts Smart watches will went out eventually since they can do what future trackers do and then some.

Just in case you arent sure who Gartner are, Gartner, Inc. is an American marketing, market research and advisory firm providing information technology related insight

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