Today is not a good day to be an Android user, well at least if you use Netflix alongside UnoTelly, HideIPVPN or any other service that let\s you watch region restricted content on your device.  
This news stems from the latest update to Netflix on Android devices and reports saying that hacks to work around Geo Restricted content are no longer working.

The reason being is that Neflix have locked the DNS addresses to Google Public DNS servers ( and locking down those settings.  So no matter what you have setup for your DNS or what VPN, workaround you use, the app will always use Googles service.

There are multiple downsides to this.  if you choose to use the data slurping company (google) then you may loose the ability to download data at it’s fastest speed as it doesn’t tell CDN networks where you are.  CDN’s rely on DNS settings to pass you along to the nearest server to you and effectively give you the fastest download speed in theory.

Worse than that is because the DNS settings are hard coded into the app, using a service that pretends your device is in another country, therefore enabling you to watch that countries content in your locale, won’t work anymore

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