Pinout: Stylish Retro, Hugely Addictive Pinball for iOS

For as long as I remember I hated Pinball. It’s right up there with games such as Tempest, where no matter how hard I practised, or what hours I put in, I just sucked. My first beating by the flippers came many years ago at a friend’s school party in a town hall. There was (of course) that kid who seemed to have mind control over ball and flippers for what seemed like a good few hours. Well maybe a bit less than that; but still I waited my turn in line, put my pocket money into the machine and some 30 nanoseconds later my game was over.

Somehow a small gravity well had opened up right between those bottom flippers, no sooner had the ball been launched it seemed to have a sentient awareness of where it wanted to go and that was down the chute. This left me scarred for many a year…

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Iron Maiden Legacy Of The Beast.

Looking for something for the weekend. Well you won’t go much dar wrong with this game from the might rock gods known as Iron Maiden. 

Players take on the role of the band’s iconic mascot, Eddie, in his many forms — each with unique abilities. Players explore new worlds, travel through time, and battle a cast of dramatic and engaging characters drawn from the expansive catalogue of MAIDEN‘s albums and art. Gameplay is enhanced with a soundtrack using songs spanning the band’s entire back catalogue. 

OK so you might have to be q fan of this particular genre of music but it does put an interesting twist on the RPG genre with the bonus of not being some poor, half hearted attempt just to cash in on the app market. 

Yet as good as the sound track is and gameplay mechanics which are solid the game does suffer from some horrendous loading times on startup. It’s taken the mantle of the longest loading game ever. Let’s hope it’s just pulling down assets incrementally overworked server.  Still at least it won’t be as flakes as Pokémon Go.