1 Year On : My Apple TV v2

Apple TV V2

Originally planned for a Christmas release I was going to talk about my 1 year anniversary with my first Apple TV, the V2 Apple TV which is most coveted. However today I’m going to be a touch self indulgent as it was the last gift my Father purchased for me at Christmas before passing away 1 year ago today.

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Logitech easy switch keyboard, Wireless Backlit Keyboard and Trackpad for Mac

Cables are the bane of anyone’s desk. The darn mouse cable gets snagged, keyboard cables can end up pulling and is by far and away removed from my dream of a clear and in cluttered desk.  The wireless keyboard and mouse offerings from Apple looks stunning but a barely adequate in terms of features.  Although I’ve the apple trackpad it somehow feels old due to using pesky AA batteries which as we all know run out at just the wrong time.Seeing little on the horizon from apple, Logitech are se to release their own wireless keyboard and track pad which both support USB charging.

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Reviewed : IPEVO PV-01 360 Degrees Rotating Folio Case for the new iPad 3 and iPad 2


On the day day “the new iPad” arrived at the office it came with a filofax style case.  This was fine for a while, keeping things snug and protected.  Granted it looked like it had ideas above it’s station it was just a case that ended up”trying to be posh but you know it’s cheap”  Limited on it’s folding inclines and no chance of using in portrait mode IPEVO must of heard my frustrations and hence we have here today for review their 360 case.

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