Glui 1.1 : Capture, annotate and share screenshots, more than Just a Skitch Replacement

Glui Saving Locally

Skitch used to be the go to app if you wanted to share a screen capture. Now it’s part of evernote with more added features this has unfortunately meant more steps to quickly and snap and share. Now there’s a new contender to the capture and share arena, Glui, instant screen captures and sharing with nothing but of ease of use in mind.
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Radium 3 : The Best Internet Radio Player For Mac

Radium 3 is out now, just buy it if you like listening to radio on your mac. Not convinced, how about more features and impressive boast of improvements over that of its predecessor.  Go and buy it.. Still not convinced? It’s brilliant, lightweight, constantly updated and supported with passion. Radium 3 is the best.  Go buy it now…  If only I could do all reviews as easily but here’s our review of Radium from CatPig Studios.

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Stellar Software Mac Volume Repair 1.0 Review – A Disk Utility Alternative

There comes a time in a mac owners life when you have to deal with a hard disk failure or at least some corruption due to an improper shutdown like if there’s a power cut or accidental unplugging.  Apple’s Disk Utility is fine for the basics but when you need something that delves a touch deeper and sorts out more than just basic disk permissions, Stellar Software’s Mac Volume Repair comes to the rescue.
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Jaksta Video Convertor For Mac : Convert videos in minutes rather than hours?

Jaksta Video Converter Encoding Speed

We’ve all been there before I’m sure, arriving at that time where we have some videos / movies / tv shows/ family archives etc etc and we want to simply watch it on an iPad or the iPhone. More often than not this involves the time-consuming and incredibly boring as process of converting a video. So when I got wind of Jaksta video converter for Mac that claims to be able to convert a video in a matter of moments I had to give it the review treatment

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Ohanaware HDRTist Review. Simple and Easy HDR for everyone.

HDRtist Vinopolis After Picture

The camera in the iPhone range has is best described as adequate at best. Even with statistics pointing to the fact it’s the most used camera phone out there (Flickr for example) pictures taken with the iPhone often need a little bit of a helping hand to look their best.  Enter HDRtist a Mac application designed to take the hard work out of getting the best from your photos.

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