Proton invite you to join their first community usability testing for some new prototypes. They’re looking for people who love ProtonMail and want to try out a new product. For the first stage, testers will get to meet the team in Zurich (Switzerland) this summer. For the second stage, scheduled for later this year, testers can be located anywhere in the world; we’ll send the prototypes to you. Space is limited, so apply today on their blog HERE.

This is ProtonMail’s first hardware prototype, and it’s the first time they invited in-person feedback. Last year, they partnered with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich), one of the leading technical universities in the world, and applied for a research grant from Innosuisse. The proposal was accepted, and with this support they’ve been studying how to use hardware to secure digital communication and empower users to secure their digital identity.

After many months of research and development, they are now looking for users to test a variety of early stage prototypes and give feedback about their impressions while using them. For this project, testing will be performed in two or more phases over the coming months.

Besides the chance to directly influence the development of the latest features and products, testers will get the chance to talk to some of our team members about their hopes for future Proton Technologies products.

Stage 1: on-site usability testing

For the first phase, Proton would like to invite a handful of users to visit us on site in Zurich to participate in a preliminary usability test. These usability tests will take place in a lab at ETH Zurich. Each will last roughly 40-50 minutes.

On the day of the test, the chosen few will meet with one of Proton’s team members, who will guide users through the test. In the first half, you will discuss some of your habits when using Proton products to give them an idea what kind of user you are. Next comes the fun part: You’ll get hands-on time with some of the early stage hardware prototypes. Testers will be asked to complete a set of interactions and then tell Proton about the experience of doing it. Feedback will be taken into account for later prototype iterations.

While Proton are not able to cover travel costs, they will give each of the first stage testers a voucher for credits equivalent to a year’s worth of ProtonMail Plus subscription.

Stage 2: field usability testing

During this stage, scheduled for later this year, Proton will ask a larger group of testers to play with newer iterations of the hardware prototypes.

Testers will receive exclusive access to these devices to use in their daily lives during the testing period. Afterward, they will be asked to answer a set of questions to gather feedback about their experience. This feedback will again be used to further refine the prototype.

Again, anyone is welcome to apply for testing, though slots for Stage 2 testing are limited by the number of prototypes we will produce.

If you are interested remember places are very restricted Please fill out the form ON THEIR BLOG to submit your application, and they’ll contact you shortly with more details.

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