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Dragon Dictate for mac

Editorial : Dragon Dictate For Mac

Dragon® Dictate® for Mac® 2.5 allows users to enter text and control their Mac by voice instead of using a keyboard and mouse. Turn ideas into text at the speed of thought so you can communicate more freely and persuasively. Just say words and watch them appear on the computer screen. Tell your Mac what to do and it obeys your commands.

At the we use Dragon Dictate as a matter of course when reviewing.  Personally I find that it helps articulate thoughts and ideas without the confines of a keyboard.

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iPad 2 compared to Kindle Fire and Nook

Wall Street Journal Compares iPad 2 Against the Kindle Fire and The Nook

For me I find it incredibly interesting that tablet makers are going to the screen sizes that Apple decided against as they don’t give a “great user experience”. I don’t think anyone will argue that the 10″ screen sized arena is dominated by the iPad2.
Screen Shot 2011 11 17 at 09.04.56 Wall Street Journal Compares iPad 2 Against the Kindle Fire and The Nook

[pullquote_left]To be clear, the Kindle Fire is much less capable and versatile than the entry-level $499 iPad 2. It has a fraction of the apps, a smaller screen, much weaker battery life, a slower Web browser, half the internal storage and no cameras or microphone. It also has a rigid and somewhat frustrating user interface far less fluid than Apple’s.[/pullquote_left] Much like Apple carved the market out for themselves, Amazon is getting in on the act now with the Kindle fire but even with it’s $200 price point does price alone make this a better product?  The Wall Street Journal think not.  It’s an interesting device but why is no one wondering about the Silk browser potentially tracking your every moment.  Didn’t BT try this with “phorm” a while back?  Any ways take a look at the video for a top comparison.

Walt Mossberg gives a review where it doesn’t feel biased to want to hate the iPad but investigating technologies and see how it’s relevant against it’s competitor.  Why does everything that get’s released in the tablet world have to be an iPad killer?  Do reviewers not have the sense to compare Android against Android without giving the iPad a rib?

I suppose it’s part of the pc legacy where numbers and speed is what it’s all about rather than the experience and integration.

Nuance Dragon Express, an attempt to bring Siri to the Mac?

It seems that the age of speech recognition has been set alight by Siri.  Vlingo might have been getting all the attention recently as an alternative but Dragon Apps have been around a lot longer but with reduced functionality.  Dragon Dictation for Mac is a favourite app on the Mac for me right now so my ears pricked up when I came across Dragon Express.

Dragon Express Header Nuance Dragon Express, an attempt to bring Siri to the Mac?

Not having a chance to play with the app just yet it’s certainly shaping up to be an almost Siri like experience for the mac.  Command’s such as

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iPhone 4s Battery Problems Caused By Software?

Take 2 iPhones from the same network, running the same iOS version put them side by side and see what the difference is in the battery life to see if the battery drain problem can be fixed.  That’s what the chaps at ZDnet have tried to do.

Oddly 1 phone was fine whilst the other had the battery drain problem.  So what happens if you backup the iPhone with the battery problem and restore it onto iPhone 2, the one without the battery problem.  Interestingly the battery drain problem appears on the the phone with the restored iPhone 1 software on it.  In effect the bug has made the jump from one phone to another.

What ZDnet didn’t say was if iPhone 1 (with the issue) didn’t have the issue when having the reverse applied (restoring iPhone 2 without the bug issue to iPhone 1)

So it’s good news on one front it;s a software issue NOT a hardware issue, well at least in this case.

Apple’s Card App Compared To Hallmark and Others

Just recently I tried the Apple Card App (letter press) to send a last minute card to the other half. Along the way I found out that postage times are 5 – 15 working days and there’s no tracking or even an e-mail to say it’s on the way. You do get an invoice near to when it’s being delivered but still, like a lot of things Apple, it’s missing a few features but we still use it.
Apple Card Vs Hallmark Apples Card App Compared To Hallmark and Others

Well after a bit of waiting the card arrived and it’s not too bad if a little small. The card quality is very high and comes embossed not just cheap style printing on paper. Speaking of which the paper is high quality rag paper. Thankfully the other half knows what a gadget geek I am and with the added bonus she appreciated the nerdy way of going from iPhone to door. Even though I was (or Apple was) late getting the card, she was very impressed.

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Batman Arkham Asylum For Mac

Batman Arkham Asylum Now Available On The App Store

It might be just a little late but Batman, Arkham Asylum has hit the mac store. This was one of my favourite games on the PC and hooked me in for hours so it’s nice to see it hit the Mac.

Batman Arkham Asylum Header Batman Arkham Asylum Now Available On The App Store[pullquote_left]It’s a cracking game but why can’t we get it for the steam price of 9.99?[/pullquote_left]Priced at 27.99 (at the time of writing) the game comes in at 8.5gb in size so those with download caps might want to keep an eye on their limits.  As one person in the comments points out you can get the same game for the PC for ONLY 9.99.

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Opera for iPhone and iPad updated. Now includes data counter

Opera has long since replaced my browser of choice on my iPad and iPhone just due to it;s user interface working with me instead of against me.
Opera Dat Usage Header Opera for iPhone and iPad updated. Now includes data counterThere are tweaks ahoy including better compression , share articles by email and now predictive text has been added as well.  Another notable feature is the data counter (accessed by going to help, data counter) to show you just how much you are saving.

I’d argue that for internet savings when on the internet Opera is 1000% times better than Onavo (reviewed here) not only compression wise but for the fact you get to keep your soul away from the marketers and data miners.

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