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Creating websites quickly on your iphone

Easy Website Creator Zapd 1.4 now available

zapd Easy Website Creator Zapd 1.4 now available
Creating websites quickly on your iphone

Simplicity can be the key at times with putting images on a website and this is where Zapd comes into it;s own.

V1.4 has just been released with the following updates

– Custom URLs are here!! Want to personalize your web address? You can do it now! Under Settings, choose a URL that you want and now you’ve made a custom website right from your phone!

– Option to make individual Zaps “private”. When you mark a Zap as private, it won’t show up in our showcase and only people whom you give the URL to will know about it. A great way to share personal events with a select group!

We have our own sample page here if you want to see a quick and dirty example of what can be done.


How to check your apps will work with Lion

“To see a list of all the applications on your Mac that will go phutt when you upgrade to Lion, hold down the Option key, click on the Apple menu, and select System Profiler.

In the window that appears, select the Applications entry, which appears under the Software heading.

Click on the Kind column to sort your applications by kind (meaning Classic, Intel, PowerPC, and Universal).

Seek out any that read Classic or PowerPC.

These are the applications that will be incompatible with Lion. (Those Classic applications are also incompatible with Snow Leopard.)”

Another way to do this is to run Xslimmer and let it check what architecture you are presently running. If it doesn’t say Intel then it wont.

Gevey SIM unlock wont work with IOS5

Unlocking your iPhone has just become that little bit harder with reports we’ve read today about the new iOS 5 beta 2.

We really liked the Gevey Sim unlock and we were all up for looking at the Gevey Ultra sim unlock however,

MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev-Team confirmed in a tweet on Friday that Apple has killed the hack, suggesting it may have been underpressure from carriers:

“it’s surprising Apple closed Gevey interposer hole in b2 rather than waiting until final (maybe they were under pressure)”

This means the Gevey SIM unlock will now only work for iOS 5 beta 1 and below, until Applenberry — the team behind the device — update it to work with the final iOS 5 release. If, of course, that’s possible.

In the meantime, then, the only hope for unlockers is software unlocks that will require your device to be jailbroken. The downside to that is that there is currently no untethered jailbreak solution for devices running iOS 5.

Duke Nukem Forever Coming To Mac Soon

DNF GA BAN L3 Duke Nukem Forever Coming To Mac Soon

Aspyr Media has posted on its blog that it will be bringing the long-awaited Duke Nukem sequel, titled Duke Nukem Forever, to the Mac. Known for its legendary development period, the game finally arrived on PC and consoles recently, and unfortunately, it didn’t turn out very well, earning generally mediocre reviews across the board

Still, this is worth adding to your games collection as a sequel has already been announced. This is another sign that the mac is gaining traction as an alternative games platform.

Aspyr’s version will be out in August, and it’s offering a 10% discount on pre-orders right now. I can’t promise it’ll be any good, but if you want to at least see what the final version of Duke Nukem Forever looks like running on your Mac, there you go.

There’s still no word of any version of the game coming to iOS — we had spotted the App Store mentioned in that legal agreement a while back, but for all we know, that could just have been for the soundboard released recently. After the reviews on DNF, it’s hard to think the Duke franchise will recover, but you never know — if some enterprising developer wants to make a top-down dual-stick Duke shooter for Apple’s mobile devices, we can’t say we’d be adverse to the prospect.

How To Capture a Screen Shot with Mac OS

Another small How Do I? Goodness that came about from my own need of knowing this information.  If you ever wondered How do I do a desktop grab without using Grab or Imagewell, here’s how we do it.
Taskbar How To Capture a Screen Shot with Mac OS
Why do it this way?  In our Radium article we needed to capture something form teh Mac menuBar.  Of course every time we clicked off it we lost the shot we wanted.  This is a nice work around for that.
Radium Sitting In The Menu Bar

Review : Radium, a slim, menu bar based internet radio player

Taskbar Review : Radium, a slim, menu bar based internet radio playerNo doubt like most I like some music in the background whilst I go about my daily business. This means I normally resort to firing of iTunes and selecting a radio station from there but it seems just a little bit big and cumbersome to have such a huge program lying in the background doing not a lot.

Enter Radium, which I confess I only recently found out about in the Freelance Mac App Bundle we are doing on our main front-page so I decided to give it a go

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Apple Headphones

Take Pictures With Your iPhone’s Headset Using iOS 5

Apple Headphones Take Pictures With Your iPhone’s Headset Using iOS 5

It seems that uncle Steve at the WWDC kept this little nugget of information nice and quiet.

In the new IOS five there will be the ability to use to volume up button on your Apple device to take a picture.  In much the same way you can use the volume up button on the actual handset, it seems, that you can do exactly the same using your in-line headsets as well.

Of course you will need a pair of earbuds or third-party headphones that support Apple’s volume up and volume down functionality to get this to work (but whatever you do don’t get these LINK)

This feature is going to make those e-mail holding a camera at arms length shots become even more commonplace but I suppose it will take steadier shots as you can place your iPhone on a stable surface and snap away.

Dragon Remote Mic lets your iPhone takes dictation for your PC

Shortly after posting our review for the Nuance Dragon Dictation Speech Recognition for iPhone Application this app has just appear on the iTunes store.

It turns your iPhone into a Wi-Fi connected microphone for dictation. The oddest thing about this application is that it’s designed to work with the PC application and not the Macintosh application.

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MailTab Displaying Email

AOTD : MailTab – lightweight desktop Gmail app (osx)

Mailtab is a nice small application for the Macintosh which is almost essential for any Gmail user who likes to check their email all the time.

Sitting nicely on your menu bar MailTab shows you when you have new e-mail in your account without having to rely on you checking your browser every time you want to see if you have mail. It also provides system notifications via growl and plays a nice little ditty when ever you do have new mail.

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Opera Mini 6 – A replacement for Safari on iPhone

Browsing on a mobile phone had been something of a holy grail for me being the geek that I am. The thought of checking in with websites and keeping an eye on my business at the time seemed great but until the iphone came along, nothing really delivered.

Safari on the iPhone was a great leap forward in browser innovation, rendering in a full desktop experience, nothing came close to what Apple squeezed onto a phone, however, it’t not without it’s drawbacks, being cumbersome and a touch heavy on older iPhones.

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