Just like the wrist strap, this will be a short review…

Some time ago, I decided I needed – well, wanted if truth be told – a new neck strap for my Fujifilm X-T1 to replace the third partly one that I had been using, and while I was perfectly happy with it, I felt something discrete was needed rather than the bright blue model I was using. So I searched online to see what was out there as a possible replacement, and found quite a few small companies that hand make leather straps for all models of cameras. Some, were, to say the least out of this world in quality and price (where a lottery win was needed to fund one strap!) but with further searching, I found the 595 Leather Co, a UK based company that make to order, all kinds of straps and belts at prices that won’t break the bank – I ordered a simple Black leather neck strap.

With a few years use under its belt the 595 Strap Co Handmade Classic Leather 36” Camera Neck Strap for my X-T1has proven to be a really good purchase, so much so that 595 Leather was the first port of call for my next purchase, the On Black Wrist Straps – cord fixing model. With a choice of three colours, Blue or Red for the cord strap, or a stealthier plain black cord as the other option, I went for the Blue as it added a touch of colour without being noticeable when the camera was used… the Red would have shouted to the world, ‘street photographer!’

the 595 Leather On Black Wrist Strap review Page 1 Image 0002 595 Leather On Black Wrist Strap Reviewedthe 595 Leather On Black Wrist Strap review Page 2 Image 0001 e1555497700914 595 Leather On Black Wrist Strap ReviewedThere’s nothing fancy about the On Black Wrist Strap, its a simple plain black leather strap that does the job, with a bound blue cord that loops through the eyelet on my Fujifilm XF10 camera, and with a small adjustable loop it can be ‘tightened’ to fit the wrist neatly to stop the strap slipping off my wrist.

While it isn’t as luxurious as the much more expensive brands – it’s initially a bit stiff at first – it should soften over time just like the neck strap has done. For the price, £19.99 + £1.29 PP – orders can be delivered world-wide – it arrived in a small box well sealed… no extraneous packaging either. Customer service was superb with my initial inquiry answered promptly, and delivery speedy too – allow time for the strap to be made – I can wholly recommend 595 Leather. I have no complaints about the wrist strap either, it does what it is designed to do, simply, discreetly, what more can you ask.

A review by James Ormiston (@macjim) – Regular slack room contributor and all around decent chap.

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