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Essential Apple Podcast 44: Staying Away From The Rumour Mill

Since we last did a podcast there have been two atrocious Terrorist attacks in Britain, and several others around the World and our thoughts are with anyone affected by this. We’re going to continue onwards with the show this week.

  • More on dropping Googlemail and some of the tribulations that gave Simon
  • WWDC is nearly here… so we are just waiting to see what happens (we don’t do rumours)
  • Apple Accused of Secretly Storing Deleted User Notes After 30-Day Grace Period – Softpedia
    Softpedia via AppleNewsRussian software company discovers deleted notes in iCloud
  • EU security body calls for a security trust mark for IoT devices – BitDefender 
  • This sounds positively ghastly Skype to get a “revamp” to compete with Snapchat and iMessage – Cult Of Mac
  • I like this – clever Your next heat source could come from a server, if Nerdalize has its way – Digital Trends
  • Poll: Would trackpad & mouse support be a good halfway house on an iPad? |

Lot of opinion on that in the Slack

  • Esp MacJim

    I’m of the opinion that the iPad with iOS was a wrong one. Putting a mobile phone OS onto a larger device was a mistake and Microsoft got it right with the surface pro devices. So, the iPad should have had the ability to be used with finger, pen/pencil and mouse. I find the iPad Smart Keyboard a useful device as it’s better to type on when at a table rather than on the screen – yes, the onscreen keyboard is good but it’s compromised too – but the biggest thing I miss with the Smart Keyboard is the trackpad. The feature of using multitouch to move the cursor on the iOS keyboard is buggy most of the time but you can’t use it when you are using the Smart Keyboard. It’s telling that after Steve Jobs died, Apple brought out the Pencil. Either SJ knew before his death that it was coming out and okayed it or people kept it secret (or the new heads realised not having a pen/pencil was a mistake) for SJ. A meringue as we say in Glasgow (translation: ah ma rang (am I wrong))

    Either way, Apple admitted they were wrong not to have a pencil and hopefully they’ll admit not having a mouse capability was wrong too.

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