Karl Madden, host of the Mac & Forth Show and the Here ‘N’ There Show, founding member of this podcast AND one of the biggest reasons Simon ended up getting into podcasting and becoming co-host, joins Simon while Mark is off “enjoying” a 100 mile cycle ride in London.

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On this week’s show:

  • Apple kills off the iPod Nano and Shuffle – EOnline
  • Apple gets found guilty of infringing patents of the Wisconsin University and original penalty gets doubled… Apple to appeal – ArsTechnica
  • Apple removing VPN services from Chinese App Store – Reuters
  • A big GOLD STAR for Stunt Software for their support with my problem with Overflow
  • Microsoft brings its own continuity feature “Continue on PC” to iOS – Microsoft
  • MS Paint is dead – or perhaps it’s not – Microsoft
  • from @dougee
    • Google Maps adds elevation information handy for runners, cyclists and others – Mashable
  • from @dougee
    • Smart Vacuum Cleaners Making Map Of Your Home — And Wants to Sell It – Hacker News
    • This only seemed a little bit OTT until I found out they are talking about having a CAMERA in the thing as well! That’s way too “creepy” for me, I don’t need a vacuum cleaner that is judging me and my lifestyle choices…
  • from Karl
    • CEO of iRobot, totally refutes the previous story saying “we will NEVER sell your information to a third party” – ZDnet
  • WikiLeaks Publishes New ‘Vault 7’ Exploits Tested on Older Macs Running Snow Leopard and Lion – MacRumors
  • from @macjim
  • from @macjim
    • Unroll.Me by Unroll.Me Has anyone used this service or app?
    • I haven’t used it, but I have read some pretty negative feedback in theNY Times and some quite big caveats. For example here

Nemo’s Hardware Store (26:24)

  • Leophile Eel Wireless Neckband Sports Earbud Earphones – Amazon
  • Thinksound ts03+mic 8mm Noise Isolating Wooden Headphone with universal 1 button microphone (Gunmetal/Walnut) – Amazon
  • Jisoncase Classic Series Apple New iPad Pro 10.5 Case Vintage Genuine Leather Smart Cover – Amazon

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