This week Apple’s “Evil Geniuses” got called “jerks” by some guy at the FBI. Seems that, as we said, the App Economy isn’t dead. Reports say HomePod may not be too far away, and there are rumours iPhone 6 Plus replacement batteries might be in short supply.

Also of course CES brought us the usual crop of news stories from the interesting to the totally bizarre. We picked out some of the more intriguing ones while passing on the more mundane or obvious or the show would be 4 hours long!

And to chat about it all we have Bart Busschots from the Let’s Talk Podcasts another member of the MyMac Network

Recorded 14th December 2017

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On this week’s show:


  • FBI forensic expert calls Apple ‘jerks’ and ‘evil geniuses’ for encrypting iPhones – International Business Times
  • The iOS Economy, Updated – Asymco
  • GBH Insights says HomePod 4-6 weeks away but faces uphill battle – Cult of Mac
  • Report says iPhone 6 Plus Replacement Batteries in Short Supply Until March – Gadgets 360
  • Apple now selling mesh Wi-Fi system as AirPort line remains unchanged – 9 to 5 Mac


  • Smartglasses from eSight are changing blind people’s lives by enabling them to see – Digital Trends
  • DynaFocals Smart Glasses Give Your Progressive Lenses Auto-focus – Mac Observer
  • LG demo’s a rollable TV screen – PC Mag
  • L’Oreal’s fingernail wearable tells users when they’ve had too much sun – Digital Trends
  • Xenoma builds smart clothing for dementia patients – Engadget
  • ‘My Special Aflac Duck’ is a robot to help kids with cancer – cnet

Nemo’s Hardware Store

  • Due to CES Nemo had no deliveries to review this week

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