Well hello there. A show was recorded the other week but we had to abort it due to a few technical difficulties. It’s our first show back this year discussing what’s happened with the show, an update on Mark’s life, the AirPods from hell and a delve into the world of Apple.

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This week’s show

  • An update on where the shows been.
  • The agony of the Airpods
  • Three Wifi Calling.
  • eBay link to my auctions.
  • In defence of the iPad – An artists usage
  • The obsession of bashing the competition to sell your own product.
  • The Gernsback Continuum. WikipediaThe Gernsback Days: Amazon.co.uk
  • The Microsoft Surface – Microsofts old version of a tablet.
  • Swapping from Skype to Wire
  • For the Slack Chat room updates : follow (@essentialapple) on Twitter

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