A strange week of Apple news from rumoured thunderbolt displays, rumoured iPhone release cycles, rumoured rumours and sources familiar with the matter. Yet we still manage to pack over an 1h 20 mins with something..

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This Week’s Talking Points

  • Cold Call Opt-Out Now Available By Text – Sky
  • TeamViewer compromised, users reporting emptied bank accounts – TrustedReviews
  • T-Mobile offers visitors to the U.S. a new $30 calling and data plan – T-Mobile
  • Apple fights call to block Facetime and iMessage – EssentialMac
  • Apple is said to be extending iPhone refreshes to once every three years – Nikkei
  • Poll: Would you rather a friend use your toothbrush or your mobile? – Evening Express

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Worth A Chirp

Barry : Apple Pay being linked to account and automagically updated card numbers.
Karl : Tom Read
Serenak: Mekorama 
Mark : Clear protective cover for Apple Magic keyboard From macally €16,95 link to follow

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