Alongside a plethora of feedback, reviews and an email we go into Apple Watch health tips and tricks, learn a few cool things about Apple maps, solve why picture messages don’t show backgrounds, talk Apple news feature the three geeky ladies and fung from the tabletop champions podcast. It’s a packed show this week.

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This Week’s Talking Points

Full on collaboration.

Pages launched on Tuesday introducing the. ETA real time collaboration feature. Not quite sure it’s up there with Quip or Google in terms of speed but it’s a beta and you can bet that Apple servers are being hammered. I know because my worth a chirp this week was unplayable. Too little too late for Apple to get people into the I work side of things?

iOS 10 update bricked some devices within the first hour of release

Some users can complete the install by connecting their device to iTunes, instead of trying the over-the-air update via Wi-Fi. So far, these reports have only come from people trying to update their devices from iOS 9 or earlier—we haven’t heard of any issues when updating from the iOS 10 beta.

iCloud music Libary down for many users after updating iTunes to 12.5.1

An increasing number of users worldwide report not being able to access the feature following today’s release of iTunes 12.5.1 with the following error message continually appearing as the service attempts to connect:

Apple’s reaction to the Galaxy Note 7 recall was brilliant, and we all missed it.

Are you ready for it? There was none. Apple didn’t make fun of Samsung in any form or fashion for the terrible design flaw that forced it to recall 2.5 million smartphones. Think about that for a second. Apple didn’t take a single free hit at Samsung. It didn’t make any jokes when presenting the battery improvements of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. And if there was a place to laugh at Samsung, that would have been it.

Apple already faces an iPhone 7 class action suit

The suit, filed in the US District Court of Northern California, says that Apple is prioritizing new customers over people who already own iPhones and want to purchase the iPhone 7 via the iPhone Upgrade Program.

Nemos Hardware Store (Overcast direct link)

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