A review by James Ormiston (aka @MacJim)

In this world of powered tools that require all kinds of plugs, connectors, adapters and cables, it’s nice to see products that are free from all of the above. Take my non-electric non-electric toothbrush, by Non Plastic Beach it has zero ports, no plugs and no adapters and it can’t stop working due to a firmware not being available down the road.

What it lacks in connectors it gains by being 95+% recyclable, and reusable when it reaches the end of its main working life. The body is bamboo with BPA-free nylon bristles (an alternative is being sourced but it can be removed for recycling) and the packaging is fully compostable or recyclable cardboard, no plastic windows or coatings.

The handle can be repurposed into whatever you like, so if your good with a knife (whittling can be addictive) you could refashion it as a stirrer for your tea or, for those with green fingers, as a Dibber to prick out your seedlings, or labels for your plants… whatever your imagination can come up with!

IMG 9119 1024x1024 Non Plastic Beach Non Electric ToothbrushThere are two colours, red and blue plus black and white, making it easy for your family to find their own toothbrush if they’re not fully awake in the morning (it does not light up though, remember, its a non-electric non- electric toothbrush).
Perfect as your everyday toothbrush or as a backup to the electric electric toothbrush that you have in the bathroom… and for those lazy days away on holiday.

At £3.95 plus P&P its good value, and great for guilty- free teeth cleaning too… find them, and other great products from Non Plastic Beach… you won’t regret it!

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