The 12inch iPad Pro is a wonderful piece of kit. It has fast become one of my favourite pieces of Apple technology. However for the longest time it basically remained the iPad I kept at home. Both the cost of the darn thing and the insurmountable size of it made me nervous of taking it with me when I hit the road (in my case this is usually public transport as I sold my car last year). However with the recent addition of the Atlas iPad Pro case I have started to feel more comfortable taking this monstrous device out with me.

The case is primarily a solid plastic tray the the iPad clips into securely.  The outside is covered in textured fabric that gives a nice tactile feel as you hold the case. There is additionally a convenient little holder for the Apple Pencil that will ensure I’ll never loose my Apple stylus while I’m out and about. This one small feature alone sold the case for me as, although I fear dropping the case, that pales into significance compared to the fear of loosing my Apple Pencil (Hey, I never said I was a logical human being).

img STM Atlas iPad Pro case Review

The Atlas offers a wrap-around cover ensuring the device is protected as I travel about and can fold over doubling up as a stand to either prop the iPad up to make watching a movie easier or tilt the device to aid typing. I am currently sitting on a train to Chelmsford typing this review out with the iPad resting on my lap in the latter position and it is very comfortable indeed. I’m also catching a few curious glances from my fellow passengers.

The cover feels very sturdy as do most products produced by STM. The case has all the expected cut-outs that allow for easy access to the iPad Pro’s various buttons and switches, including cutouts for the camera and speakers.

It comes in three different colours, charcoal, denim or red. I have the charcoal case and it looks very stylish even when it is just laying there on the coffee table.

Obviously there are a number of cases out on the market serving all kinds of needs from huge padded rubber monsters to slim delicate affairs. However, if you are looking for a portfolio type case that will offer protection from the day to day knocks and compliment the slimness and style of the iPad Pro then the Atlas is an ideal option, suitable for many situations and looking pretty stylish to boot.

The STM Atlas for the 12.9″ iPad Pro currently retails at £54.95 although you can get it a little cheaper on Amazon. There is also a version for the iPad Pro 9.7″ device available.

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